Gets no signal!

by JE Blackburn
(London, KY USA)

lg 800g signal bars

lg 800g signal bars

I had a Samsung T301G for a while but then the battery quit charging so I thought I would upgrade to the LG800G. I really like the touchscreen feature, but I don't get good signal.

When I am at home I don't even have service! Where I used to get 3 bars, I don't get service. Where I used to get 5 bars, I now get 2. This phone has been useless to me!

Hi JE,

Sorry to hear about your signal problems. I pulled out the two phones to check the signal here. As you can see in the photo I added, I have a pretty good signal from both phones where I am.. The T301g shows 6 bars and the 800g 5 bars (I don't recall whether the 800g is on a 5 or 6 bars scale). I suppose the true test would be to test them in an area where the signal's weaker.

When we lived in NC, I also had some problems with my cell phone signal at home due to the location of the AT&T towers.

One possibility for your difference in the signal might also be that they are (were) on different networks - one on AT&T and the other on T-Mobile, and perhaps one of those networks has worse coverage in your area. If that's the case, if you call up Tracfone's customer support, they may send you a different SIM card for the stronger network in your area.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Jun 23, 2012
lg 800g
by: Anonymous

I have an lg 800g as well. When the signal strength is shown with an antenna icon (like the picture you posted) and not an E (for edge tech) you can only make emerg. calls. I have the same frustrating problem with my phone. Any answers would help.

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