Good phone for my daughter

by London's mommy

This is the phone I bought for my daughter to use. Like most preteens, she is hard on cell phones and this was a great price and it's tough enough to withstand a bit of rough handling.

For thirty bucks, you get the phone, and 600 minutes, and your phone is in service for 4 months. After that, all the refills are a flat rate, 10 cents a minute. I like how the phone lets you know how much time you have left, that is a nice feature, and it's teaching my daughter to keep up with it herself.

The phone does not have tons of options, but it does all the basic things, and it has a few bonus extras like a calendar. It has voicemail, which was very easy to set up, and I've been really impressed with how well it's worked for us.

A good, reliable phone, especially for those who don't need to have extensive options.

Great phone for my mother and sisters

by Michael

I bought the phones for my mother and my sisters for Christmas this year. I was inspired to pick them up one, when we had touched on the topic of cell phone plans.

I explained I had been using the phone for a few months and had a positive experience. Told them it had a great battery life, and lasted even longer if you only used it for text messaging. I showed them it was smaller phone, not bulky at all; fits right in my pocket and they were interested.

Just like when I purchased my phone, their phones came with 300 free minutes, which gets you off to a good start. I mean what a deal!... A full color phone with text messaging, tons of ring tones, and 300 minutes for less than 20 bucks. Plus there's no monthly plan. You buy air time cards when you need minutes, not when some company thinks you need minutes.

I have been happily using the Nokia 1600 for a while now and would recommend it to anyone on a budget or even just for an emergency phone.

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