Highly recommend it

by John
(Littleton, Colorado, USA)

Two days ago, my parents decided to let me get my first phone and this happens to be the one I bought.

Some of the ringtones are pretty weird, like the club mix one. It came with 15 different ringtones, 2 of which are the only ones I like: Samsung tune and Lime Light. It comes with 5 backgrounds non of which are really that great.

Now let's get down to the more important things about any phone, texting and calling. The cheaper way to communicate is texting which is 5 cents and decreases your airtime by 1/2 a minute. calling is 10 cents and it takes away 1 full minute each minute.

Overall, the phone is a great deal. Especially when you get the bonus pack. I wouldn't go on the browser because it just wastes your minutes. The dial pad is pretty good except for the buttons to navigate the phone, they are too small and close together. You have speed dial options, change the font when you dial, change the background when you dial and its great.

Now, the physical features of the phone is that it is small and pretty slim, making it easy to carry around. The front of the phone is a bit glossy and can attract fingerprints, but only on the black part, the rest of the front is silver. On the left side, when your phone is open, you can click the buttons to change the ringer volume, click it until it vibrates to silence it. The right side has a little cover where you would plug in your headset or wall/car charger. Just pull it open and plug it in. The cover is nice so it does not get dust in the charger place.If you hold down the end button, it powers the phone on or off.

So, that's all that i have found about the phone and i highly recommend it.

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Jan 18, 2010
Thanks for the great review.
by: admin


Wow! Thanks for the great review! Lots of great detail in there.

All the best.

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