How Do I Set Up a Hotmail Account

by Rich

EX431g Email

EX431g Email

How do I set up an email account on this phone? The Motorola tutorial does not address this issue.

I've answered a different question about Gmail, so this time I'll tackle the question in terms of setting up a hotmail account.

Go to Menu > Messages and scroll down until you see the Email option. Then, if you haven't set up an account before, it will ask if you want to do say. Answer "Yes" to that question.

Then select the Hotmail option and enter your Hotmail/MSN or Live email address and password. Once selected, you should be all set. You can then go back to the Email menu, select your Account (you can have more than one) and select "View" to see your Inbox, Outbox and Sent folders. You can again select the menu to View, Write Email, Connect, Retrieve Email, Delete from Server or even the Settings if you want to change the names of the incoming and outgoing servers.

If the email account you want to set up is not a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account, then at the beginning of the process you would choose "Other" and then, in addition to entering your email address and password, you would also have to manually enter the names of the incoming and outgoing mail servers in the settings sections.

Hope this helps.


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Jan 03, 2015
Gmail and Motorola EX431G
by: Anonymous

Sorry about posting here...couldn't find the Gmail post. I have two Gmail accounts. When I set up the first one on my cell phone, it works just fine. But, when I try to set up my second account, the following appears when I attempt to get emails: Invalid Username or Password. I have checked multiple times to confirm what I have typed in, and it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Thank you very much!
~~ bstaley

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