Tracfone Motorola EX431g Review

Part 2 Video and User Reviews

Table of Contents

1 - Writeup and Photos

2 - Video and User Reviews

In this Motorola EX431g video we take a look at its unique size and go over some of its features including the keyboard and camera.

Compact Phone with QWERTY keypad

Your EX431g Reviews and Questions

Share your opinions and questions about this QWERTY phone!

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How Do I Set Up a Hotmail Account 
How do I set up an email account on this phone? The Motorola tutorial does not address this issue. ------------------- I've answered a different question …

Install new java midlets 
How to install new Java midlets on this phone? I've got a micro-usb cable for file transfers but if it's possible to use java midlets i don't know where …

Checking email - use IMAP to save airtime Not rated yet
When setting up email on your phone, try to use the IMAP4 protocol so that you don't download all your messages rather than just the ones your want to …

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