How do I transfer contacts from my old phone

by Harold

Bluetooth device found

Bluetooth device found

I understand that I can transfer my contacts from my LG phone to my new phone using bluetooth. Both of my phones are bluetooth equipped. I have several questions about the process. Any suggestions? I am assuming my SIM card from my old att phone can't be used, thus bluetooth appears to be my only choice.

Hi Harold,

Thanks for your question. Basically you just need to pair the phone with the other one and then send the contacts. The contacts menu varies slightly on different handsets but the basic process is the same. I'll illustrate the process with sending the contacts from an LG 620g to the LG 420g.

1. Turn on Bluetooth on both the phones.

2. On the LG 620g, go to Menu -> Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth -> Search New Devices.

3. The LG 420g should appear on the list. Select it and click "Add".

4. When asked to confirm the pairing click "Yes"

5. On the LG 620g, go to Menu -> Contacts -> Settings -> Send all Contacts via Bluetooth.

The procedure varies slightly with different phones. It works in the other direction too, so when you're ready to switch from the LG 420g to another phone you'll be able to send your contacts to the new phone the same way.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Aug 11, 2011
My screen cracked
by: Anonymous

What to do after you click send all contacts via bluetooth because the screen on my lg 620g cracked and i can see nothing but i can still press buttons can you please put more pictures after that

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