In the family for 7 years

by Elaine
(Land O' Lakes, FL)

I and my family have been using them for 7 yrs now. We started with our daughter then 13. Found out that her cheap phone and cheap plan had better coverage than us adults in the family. Needless to say we all switched.

Current addition is our 11 yr old. Yes, the world has changed and there are much better phone options out there. He saved up and got an LG 800. I'm now trying to find some apps for him. If it works it would be a lot less expensive and more practical than the IPOD Touch his friend got for Christmas. I don't feel an 11 yr old is ready for such an expensive device. Unless he saved up and paid for it himself (they take better care of things that way).

My last phone died, and, since I use the unlimited plan, I got one of the Android phones. The service is great as usual. Even with 3 of us on cell phones, 2 unlimited, our cell cost is about half the cost of my boss'. I guess I need to show him my new Android, we may get another convert.

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the comments. I agree about the saving up part. Our children take better care of the things they've bought from their savings than the things they've gotten as gifts. Unfortunately, you may not find that many cool apps for the LG 800g compared to the iPod - however, at least the iPod doesn't have a monthly cost compared to the iPhone.

sb (admin)

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