Incompetent fools at Mingo

by Harry B.on 11/12/2012
(lake worth florida)

Some 4/5 months ago, I paid Mingo 100.00 for their free (used)phone and 2000 minutes good for 1 yr. The first phone arrived and did not work. They replaced it.

As I am a house bound disabled senior, this service seemed perfect for me. I am part of a buddy buddy system for my senior friends that may have an emergency, and I would be carrying my phone when out of the house.

So after about 2 and a half months of joining Mingo, I looked up my minutes remaining. It stated 512 minutes remaining. I wrote them, and they said "you have 1200 minutes remaining. A few weeks later I tripped outside tearing up my shoulder. I tried calling my friend and got this message on my mingo cell phone: "Your account cannot be validated."

I messaged them 8-9 times. I wrote them through their contact message desk 4-5 times. I called them at least 5 times on the phone. There is no live person only a message machine. It is now going on for the 3rd week, and not one of these bums has responded.

Over the years I tried MetroPCS - not good, but at least they handled problems. I had T-Mobile for 8 yrs. I used to buy 1000 min for $100.00, and at the end of the yr I used to forfeit 200-400 unused minutes. T-Mobile has live assistance.

I got ripped off by Mingo for more than half of my money. I would like to file a complaint against them, but dont know where and whom to file with. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Harry,

Thanks for your report. It appears that a lot of people have reported having trouble making calls via Mingo recently. They also get the "your account is not authorized" messages.

You can make a complaint with the FTC. The speculation is that they may have gone out of business. (They appear to have removed their Facebook page, but their website is still up). If that is the case, you will have difficulty getting anything back from them.

sb (admin)

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