Just got my second one. Love it.

by Ger

I love this phone. Clear sound, good features and so easy to slide close and put in your pocket....no key lock or such needed. This phone never let me down !!!

I just bought a replacement for my stolen one. I got the same one I had, the LG290C, a refurb with 1 month minutes for 42.00 !!! Can't beat that.

There is a number stored on speed dial one.....I assume by the previous owner (was a refurb), and I have no option to delete this number or store my mail box number instead.

Can you help ?? How do I overwrite on speed dial Number ONE !!

Thanks........... GK

Hi Ger,

Thanks for your comments. On my LG 290C, the first speed dial is assigned to voicemail and cannot be re-assigned. I did have one other person write a while back about managing to get that first speed dial changed (accidentally in that person's case). Never figured out what happened.

sb (admin)

Nice Phone & Plan!

By Anonymous

I recently got this phone coupled with the straight talk plan. I chose the $45 unlimited-everything plan, but I think the $30 plan with 1000 minutes would easily suffice for my needs.

The LG 290C is great, and has all the features I want or need. However, the manual itself was vague, and did not go over all the features the phone has, nor the icons in the display. I'd just like to know what some of the display icons that I'm not familiar with mean.

I like the layout, and even the 'slider' part is getting easier to use with one hand, with a little practice. The camera, for a 1.1 mp does a great job. All in all I'm very satisfied, I just wish I could find out what those other icons in the display mean.

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