Keeps turning off and bad battery life

by Jones
(Carson City)

I got this phone becasue it looked so cute, plus it was free with a new 2yr upgrade. I hate this phone! It turns off for no reason, the battery life is terrible, and it take a whole two minutes to connect an out going call. These are just a few of the many problems this phone has.

Then when i talk to at&t about it they are no help at all! I use to love at& love love love them. Now that i have to call them every two months about this phone i hate everything about them! Then what happens when my yr warranty is up? Then what! Seriously I can not even believe that this phone is still on the shelf. It needs to be recalled and then everyone who has ever owned one of these phones should be compensated.

This phone is a joke. Do not get get it. If you are anyone out there that is thinking about getting this phone take it from me, you will hate it. I did not just get a bad seed. I have had this phone replaced three times. About two months into it the whole thing starts acting up.

If you are reading this and have anything to do with the marketing of this phone, take it off the market.

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