LG 501C

by Marlene
(Emmett, Id. USA)

I purchased a LG500G phone over 1 month ago. Unable to use the browser got message CHECK DATA RESTRICTION-36 contacted Tracfone spent almost 1 hr. trying to correct problem until they finally said they would send me another of the same phone. Received another LG500G (sent back original phone). Went thru same process and had the same problem. Got a 3rd phone and again had the same problem very frustrating.

Finally they said they would have to go to a different phone. Sent me a LG501c and now it works as it should and was able to go on the browser. It's not that I will use the browser much as this is only for emergency but I hate to get a product and find it doesn't work as it should.

The LG500G had a sim card and the LG501c does not come with a sim card and isn't needed. So seems it has to have something to do with a sim card. Zip code is 83617-8900.

I really liked the LG500G but find that the LG501c does not have room for a memory card nor does it have a video camera. Other then that the LG501c seems to be identical to the LG501c.

Hi Marlene,

The 501C is a CDMA phone and runs on the Verizon network rather than the AT&T or T-Mobile network that the 500G uses.

Glad you found something that worked for you, hope they gave you a few extra minutes for your trouble.

sb (admin)

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