CDMA Tracfone Handsets

CDMA Tracfone handsets are primarily available in regions not covered by the usual GSM networks. In those areas Tracfone's service appears to be provided by Verizon's or Sprint's CDMA-based network.

Most of the early CDMA phones available were fairly basic, but they still did have . . .

Voice-Activated Dialing

The one advantage of all these CDMA phones is that they offer voice-activated dialing - a feature that appears to be common among this type of phone. (Note: This feature is now available on many of the GSM phones as well.

No Roaming

According to Tracfone's terms and conditions, there is no roaming with these phones. So you stay on the network to which the phone is assigned.


Some of the new smartphones from Tracfone are CDMA phones.

Other CDMA Tracfone handsets have finally been released. So if you’re in an area that Tracfone only provides CDMA phones for, you no longer have to rely on the old set of basic handsets like the LG 200c and the LG3280.

You can now choose from some new LG Phones with Bluetooth capability, both of which also come with the Double Minutes for life feature. This feature, combined with the monthly promo codes can lower your airtime cost to 10 cents a minute or less.

ZTE Valet Z665C

The ZTE Valet is one of the first prepaid Android phones operated via airtime and data refill cards.

Samsung S380C

The S380C is a QWERTY slider which look like the S390G.

LG 501C and 505C

The LG 501C has a QWERTY keyboard for fast texting. It is similar to the LG 500g, but the 501C is listed as only having a VGA resolution camera rather than a megapixel camera. There's also no mention of a music player which is a bit surprising.

The 505C is a touchscreen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboards. It is triple minutes phone with mp3 player, but only a 1.2 MP camera.

LG 231C

The LG 231C is a lightweight flip phone with VGA camera and Bluetooth capability. It has the higher M4 HAC rating if you're looking for this feature.

LG 221C 14.99

The LG221C is also a flip phone with VGA camera. It's body style and larger screen is similar to the LG 430g GSM phone.

LG100C $14.99

The LG 100C is a basic open-face or brick style phone with a simple and attractive design. It does offer handsfree speaker capability. You can set the ringtone to vibrate, and like all the CDMA handsets from Tracfone, it offers voice-activated dialing. One useful feature you may be interested in is a voice recorder. In addition, it is capable of downloading ringtones and graphics from Tracfone, though that will cost you some airtime. See review of Straight Talk version of the LG 100C here.

LG220C $19.99

The LG220C flip phone is also a basic phone with voice dialing and a voice recorder. This LG flip phone costs $19.99 it is the least expensive CDMA Tracfone with Bluetooth capability. Review of ST version of LG 220C here.

One thing it does NOT have, however, is the double minutes for life feature. To get that feature without paying extra for a double minutes for life card, you have to move up to the . . .

LG290C $49.99

For an extra $30 you not only get Bluetooth slider-style phone plus the double minutes for life feature, but you also get a 1.3 megapixel camera. Another advantage of a slider phone is that you get a slightly bigger screen which makes all your tasks just a little easier. All the other features mentioned above are also available. See the full features on the review of the Straight Talk version of the LG 290C.

As you can see, many of these handsets are also available from Net10 and Straight Talk.

Older CDMA Tracfone Models

LG 200c

The LG 200c is compact flip phone with a color display. It has a clean rounded shape without a protruding antenna and fits nicely in your purse or pocket. In addition, it has the higher M4 rating for hearing aid compatibility, good to know if you want it.

The rest of the features are fairly standard, but it seems like a reliable phone. See this slightly longer review of this LG 200C.

Next up is the

LG 3280

The LG 3280 is also a compact LG CDMA phone, but this one does have a protruding antenna. The rest of the features are more or less the same.

This handset is sometimes bundled with an airtime card and sold at an attractive discount. You can check if there's an LG 3280 bundle available here.

Kyocera K126c

The Kyocera K126C is a basic open-face or brick style phone. It is slightly lighter than the other two and has a smaller 150-entry phonebook. The phone has just a monochrome display over which has been placed a color filter to make it a little less dull.

Speaking of color, the K126c is sometimes available in pink, the only such option among the CDMA Tracfone handsets.