LG 200C Tracfone Review

HAC M4-Rated Flip Phone

The LG 200C Tracfone is a smart stylish compact basic phone with a couple of nice features such as an HAC M4 rating.

Though it’s a basic phone, it is nice to look at, and it goes well with other accessories.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

HAC M4 Rating

The LG 200C is one of the few Tracfones with a hearing aid compatible (HAC) rating of M4.

Some of the other handsets have been tested and are rated M3, but M4 is better.

Going back to . . .

The Basics

This CDMA phone runs on Verizon's network.


The LG 200C measures 87mm x 47mm x 20.5mm. That’s equivalent to 3.42 x 1.85 x 0.81 inches.


It weighs just 2.82 ounces, one of the lighter phones out there.

Battery life

Talk time on the lithium–ion battery is only 2.5 hours, not that you care since you’re unlikely to spend two and a half hours at a time on a prepaid cell phone. The more important standby time is 250 hour – over ten days, which is okay.


The only “accessories” included are the battery and phone charger. You can buy a universal accessory kit for a few dollars more or look for a package deal.


Single Rate for every call: Local, long distance, roaming and international long distance included. Each minute of a phone call made with your Tracfone uses up one unit of airtime.

Text messaging

Of course you can send and receive text messages which cost 0.33 units each.

Voicemail etc.

While you’re checking your inbox you can also check your voicemail to clear out those messages from calls you didn’t pick up once you checked your . . .

Caller ID

This now essential feature saves you time by not having to ask who is calling. It’s a basic feature but important when you’re using a prepaid phone as it helps keep to quick calls under one minute.

Call waiting

Yes you can still juggle those calls from people just dying to talk to you.

Multi-language support

This could come in handy if you prefer Spanish or know someone who does.


Always a good thing to have something to do when stuck in some line.

Phonebook with up to 300 entries

You can store 300 entries in the phonebook. More recent Tracfones allow 1000 plus entries if that’s important to you.


The phone comes with a few basic ringtones.

Clock with alarm

This comes in handy when you’re traveling and too tired to bother dealing clock radio in the hotel room.

Calculator and tip converter

Ah yes. The tip converter comes in handy. You don’t want to stiff your server, but you don’t have to be the overly-generous sucker either.

Hands-free speakerphone

Not really useful as a hands-free for the car as it’s usually too noisy, but good for wishing Happy Birthday all together

Vibrate alert

I set mine to Vibrate THEN Ring to minimize disturbance but still make sure I don’t miss a call.

And actually I think I hear the phone ringing, but . . .

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You can check out the LG 200C manual here.

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