Can't transfer contacts from Vtech phone via Bluetooth

by Mr. Tuskind

My LG220C has blue tooth capability and can be paired with my wireless Vtech DS6321 land-line phone. But the VTECH DS6321 says the LG220c has an empty directory, and won't download its hundreds of contacts.

Tracfone tech. supt. says the LG220c has only partial bluetooth capability. That was not mentioned in the hype that convinced me to buy the phone. Tracfone tech. supt. says the LG600g can do what I want, bluetooth-wise, but won't sell me one for use in my area. (Verizon is most common here)

I feel Tracfone is screwing customers by providing misleading advertising and inadequate technical information. Is there a solution to the LG600g or Bluetooth transferable contact list problem for people in my area?

Dear Mr. Tuskind,

I agree it is frustrating when certain capabilities are limited. I have the opposite situation that I am in an area where Tracfone sells GSM phones such as the LG 600g and LG 420g. Since you are in an area where Verizon provides the coverage for Tracfone, they sell the CDMA phones such as the LG290C.

I have the Straight Talk version of the LG 290C and that does support transferring contacts (though not photos) via Bluetooth. I haven't tried transferring contacts from a cordless Vtech phone to a cell phone, but I have transferred contacts from another cell phone to the LG290C here.

Straight Talk is a more expensive prepaid service that is also offered by the company that sells Tracfones so the experience would probably be similar, but I can't say for sure.

Hope this is helpful.

sb (admin)

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Dec 30, 2010
Please see my reply above
by: sb (admin)


I've included my reply to you below your question.


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