I really like this prepaid CDMA phone.

by Constantine

I really like this phone. Service is definitely not a problem -- usually have 3 or more bars all the time.

My favorite part about the phone is that it is ergonomically efficient; it fits perfectly into your pocket and is not much bigger than the palm of your hand (depending on how big your hand is!)

It is a single rate phone, so you get charged the same price for domestic or international phone calls, no matter what.

Definitely the best prepaid CDMA phone on the market.

Zero problems with this phone

by Patrick Phillips
(Roswell, NM USA)

I love Tracfone and the idea of being in control of my cell phone bill. What worried me the most was if the phone would be up to par. Well, I have had zero problems with this phone, and I love it. I wish I had switched to this sooner.

I have never had a problem with losing calls or reception. The charger works great, and that is a relief. I have had several more expensive phones and have always had problems with the chargers.

I have my volume up high and it is easy to hear, not like other phones that I can't ever get the volume up loud enough for me.

It shows my minutes that I have left right there on the screen. That is the best feature of any phone I have ever owned. It is also small and light and easy for me to keep in my pocket. The battery has always lasted a long time too. I am very impressed with this phone. Way to go LG and Tracfone!

Need another one!

by Natasha Warren
(Abbeville, GA USA)

I love my phone, but its breaking at the top where it flips open. I need another one very bad!!!

Hi Natasha,

Thanks for the comments. You might be able to find one on eBay if you're really set on this model. Otherwise, the closest thing currently available is the LG 235C which is basically a CDMA version of the 440g except that the 235C has a VGA camera rather than a 1.3 megapixel camera.

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