Straight Talk LG220C Review

Bluetooth Flip Phone

Tracfone and Net10 Versions Available in Some Areas

The Straight Talk LG220C provides a Bluetooth flip phone at an affordable price. The attractive phone can be used with either the $30 1000 minutes and messages plan or the $45 unlimited plan. 


Yes it has Bluetooth Wireless Technology so you can use it with a Bluetooth headset. While these headset don't look all that great on you, they're great if you don’t like fumbling for the phone every time it rings.

This basic yet attractive phone is one of the more popular handsets to get with the Straight Talk plan.

Mobile Web

You can access Yahoo, MSN and Google including their email services. The phone isn't really designed to do much more than that.

Basic Features

Download Ringtones and Graphics

If none of the 33 included polyphonic ringtones are acceptable, you can download a few (for a fee). Same with graphics.

Hands-free Speaker

If you don’t go the Bluetooth route, then the standard hands-free speaker is your friend.

Voicemail and Call Waiting

You can configure the voicemail and call waiting to your needs. Do you want to accept voicemail? Of course it's often more convenient to text a person when you can’t reach them, but sometimes they do want to leave the voicemail. If you intend to use the phone for work, then you definitely need to have this.

Call waiting lets you decide whether to switch to incoming calls or just deal with them later.

Phone Book with up to 1000 Entries With plenty of minutes, you’ll appreciate being able to enter up to 1000 contacts in the Phonebook so you’re never at a loss for someone to call.

Pretty good battery life

If you use the phone a lot, you might want to charge it every night to keep the battery in good shape. The talk time is 2.5 hours, while the standby time is an acceptable 10 days.

Voice Recorder

If, like me, your mental notes sometimes end up slipping your mind, the voice recorder is there to pick up the slack. It’s great for reminders and shopping lists or even practicing your presentations.

Voice Commands and Voice Dialing

Voice dialing means you don’t have to press those pesky buttons once you’ve entered your contact. You dial by just speaking their name. This is a perk of being on Verizon’s excellent CDMA network. The LG 290C is similar but has slightly better features.

Alarm Clock

You can set the alarm clock as your main wakeup call or as a backup. The good thing about this is it works no matter where you are.


Let’s see, one thing you can calculate once you get your Straight Talk LG220C phone is how much you’re saving with the their plans!


Straight Talk plans run on a 30 day cycle. You can sign up for an automatic refill option if you don't want the hassle of remembering to refill every 30 days.

$30 every 30 days

The $30 every 30 days plan give you 1000 minutes, 1000 messages and 30 MB of data.

$45 Unlimited Plan

If you need more minutes or messages you can opt for the unlimited plan. Not only do you get unlimited minutes and messages, but also unlimited data. This means you can really use the mobile web.

Users Guide

Instead of the clunky pdf manuals, Straight Talk has set up a separate site with some flash animation tutorial. You can check out the interactive Straight Talk LG220C users guide here.

Get One

The Straight Talk LG220C phone itself costs $39.99. So your first 30 days cost will be about $69.99 on the $30 plan and about $84.9 on the $45 plan. Subsequent 30 day periods will cost $30 or $45 respectively plus taxes.

Tracfone or Net10 Versions

If you live in an area where Tracfone uses Verizon's CDMA network, you can also get it from Tracfone or Net10.