Straight Talk LG100C Review

The Straight Talk LG100C offers a simple straight forward entry into a prepaid or no contract plan combining great coverage from Verizon and good value from Tracfone’s parent company.

The LG100C is a basic brick- or candy bar style phone with not much in the way of extras. Apart from calling and texting, you have access to the Mobile Web and a voice recorder.

Nice Keypad

The LG100C keypad does have separate individual buttons which usually makes it easier to locate and dial a number. Even the navigation keys are clearly marked. Some users have complained that the buttons can get accidentally pressed so you may want to the phone to lock itself after a few seconds.

1000-entry Phonebook

If you’re upgrading from another prepaid plan like Tracfone, you’ll probably find yourself with a lot more minutes in a month available for calling and texting. In that case, you might ending calling a few more people than you used to. This makes having a 1000-entry phonebook even in a basic phone an advantage.

Familiar, Easy Interface

Straight Talk LG100C Menu Tracfone LG 420g Menu
straight talk lg100c menu tracfone lg 420g menu

If you’re used to using either Tracfone or Net10, you’ll find the Straight Talk interface to the same. For example, you can see that the menu on the Straight Talk LG 100C is almost identical to the interface on the Tracfone LG 420g (also available as a Straight Talk phone). Navigating this interface is pretty easy as well.

Voice Dialing and Voice Commands

The CDMA-based Straight Talk phones (the ones that end in the letter “C”) have the advantace of voice dialing and voice commands. This is not typically available on the GSM-based phones. This can be quite convenient as you don’t have to dial the number or find the person you want to call in the address book.

So-So Battery Life

Okay, so the battery life is not the greatest. You get about 2.5 hours or talk time and 10 days of standby time. Usually, this is not an issue with prepaid phones, but if you intend to get and make use of the $45 unlimited minutes, texts and data plan, then you may want to consider one of the other Straight Talk phones. Otherwise, if you’re getting the $30 plan with 1000 minutes and texts a month, you’re probably still going to be okay with only talking a maximum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) at a time.

To take care of the standby time, simply charge your phone a little more often. For example, you could easily charge it every night especially if you also use it as an Alarm Clock.


Ringtones and Graphics

You can download ringtone and graphics from Straight Talk’s website for a small fee.

Mobile Web

You can access the web even on this basic phone. Note that in this case, the “web” refers to those sites that Straight Talk lets you access , not just any URL. Still you can access the search engines and your Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail.

You also get access to News, Sports and Weather, plus a few other sites like MovieFone and Wikipedia.


The Straight Talk LG100C is a good option for trying out the Straight Talk plan without having to buy an expensive phone.

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