LG = No Good

by David C
(Ontario, CA)

I bought this phone 4 months ago to replace a perfectly functioning Motorola unit because it is Bluetooth capable and has a camera. The camera takes fuzzy pictures, so I have not used that 'feature' after a couple of dozen worthless photos. I've had numerous occasions where the phone would ring for an incoming call, and not let me answer the call with a message on the screen to "Check call restrictions".

Tracfone tech-support had no help for me on that one. Today, my phone beeped like I'm getting an incoming message. All settings have been restored to factory defaults and cannot be changed. I can still make and place calls with it. The best news is that I now have 663 days of service remaining! Looks like I'll be turning this in for the Motorola Bluetooth phone.

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Jul 01, 2009
not too fond of this phone
by: Anonymous

I just "upgraded" from a Nokia net ten phone, to the LG 600 G. I love the way the phone looks, but I am not that happy with the phone for quite a few reasons. I have trouble getting a signal with this phone, the sound is terrible, and the camera is useless. When I try to make calls from inside a building it often says emergency call only. Let me add that my old cheap Nokia had none of these issues. Lastly I will say the users manual is horrible with zero information except for how to set up your new phone. I don't recommend this phone.

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