Locks up when powering down?

by JJJ

Bought 2 of these phones less than 2 months ago, always left them on, one powered down due to a low battery, and froze up when charged and powered up. Removed the battery and reinstalled and it worked fine. I just recently turned off the other phone, and when I turned it on, it too froze up. Removed the battery several times and could not get it to work.

I found a review where someone else had the same problem with his and with the replacement he received. So before I called customer service, I powered down the other phone, turned it on, and could not believe it when it too froze up. I am now waiting for 2 replacement phones from tracfone.


Thanks for your comments. The one I keep for answering questions here frequently powers down. So far, it's always come back up when I plug in the charger.

sb (admin)

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