Memory card a dud

by Michael Sturgeon
(Lakewood, Colorado)

I think the memory card sent with my phone is a dud and maybe the usb cable also. My computer will recognize the memory then it will disappear. Also the battery seems to be discharging rather quickly. I guess that happens when u leave the bluetooth on?

I did transfer all my contacts from my LG 600 to my new phone via Bluetooth. That was quite handy. I haven't been able to send files from my computer to my phone, but I can sent from phone to computer.

I am listening to the FM right now, but i don't believe that would last long if I wasn't charging at the same time. I really would like to load mp3's though. This phone isn't everything I had hoped for.

Great Phone but included SD Card in non-functional

by Edward Virtually

For the price this phone is unbelievably useful. Fully enabled Bluetooth: you can use it to load backgrounds, MP3s, ringers, etc. into the phone, and it supports stereo playback. It also has many other useful features like caller groups and rings you can set per those groups.

The key problem with this phone isn't the phone itself, it's the worthless free SD card that Net10 bundles with it. It does not work properly and can easily make you think the phone is defective (as some other reviews demonstrate).

As the manual itself states, the phone requires a Sandisk SD card to work properly -- a 2gb Sandisk card is very cheap these days and it's rather sad Net10 didn't just include one vs. sabotaging its own product with a worthless free junk card.

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Jan 25, 2010
Thanks. Memory card sounds like the culprit
by: admin


Thanks for your comments! Sounds like the microSD card might be the problem. This reader seems to have had the same problem:

Great that you were able to transfer all your contacts. Have you tried a another memory card.

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