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Hated it in Texas

by Deon Gordon

I Live in Forest Hill, Tx right outside of Fort Worth. The phone was horrible. The fees were outrageous. Also, I didn't love how my money was deleted after 30 days because I got the $15 card. To anyone who is getting one, don't. Get a Tracfone. Now I have a Motorola W376g, and it's great.

Ticked they dropped rates & left old accounts at higher rates

by JJM

I had to refill my Gophone last week. I had noticed a new Daily Rate advertised in the store while passing through, so I checked rates during refill on-line. Well they dropped the Daily and Simple Minute rates ($3/dy->$2/dy and .25/m -> .10/min). Those are huge! And of course they never even text'd of the changes or anything... just left existing users paying the old horribly higher rates. ERRGH !

Other than that, I've loved my (ancient lo tech) GoPhone for about 4 years for "emergency" low-volume use. Might look into upgrading to something with some data plan add-on. TBD.

Compared to Tracfone


You might want to check this out for yourself. My 1-year 1000 gophone minutes were scheduled to expire on Jan 18, 2012. so, in order to ensure that the remaining minutes carried over I tried to add another year and another thousand minutes on December 26, 2011 specifying that I wanted the new minutes to start on my renewal date (January 18).

At the conclusion of the transaction the AT&T person said that now all of my minutes would expire on December 25, 2012 instead of my renewal date of January 18. When I did a similar transaction with Tracfone my renewal date stayed the same (i.e. was extended by a full year) even though I renewed several days early.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Hi Forrest,

I haven't ever tried to renew a Gophone with so many minutes of airtime on it. In my case the renewal date was extended from the end of the renewal period just as with Tracfone.


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