MP3 player - detailed instructions

by Betty

Sorry to be so dumb. Your directions make perfect sense to someone who already knows the following:

#1. Put in the sd card and format it if necessary. What is formatting and when is it necessary?
#2. What is a micro card adapter?
#3. How do you get MP3's on your PC?

Although you may think anyone now a days can't be that stupid, guess again. I'm 61. Teach this old dog a new trick! Thanks.

Hi Betty,

Thanks for your questions. Don't worry, you're not dumb, I was just being a little lazy in not writing things out more clearly. (Same reason for not responding sooner.) Let me take your questions in order.

Formatting the SD card - if necessary

I. When you put in the SD card, it may already be setup so that you can start using it. However, if it isn't, you can go to:

Menu -> Settings -> Memory Info -> External Memory

and select the Format button to format the card so that you can start putting music on it. I said, "if necessary", because I haven't actually had to do this with any of the microsd cards that I've personally used.

MicroSD card Adapter

II. When you buy a microSD memory card, they usually come with a separate SD adapter. When you put the microSD card in the adapter, you can then put the adapter into the SD memory card slot in your PC or laptop to transfer data back and forth from it. It's usually faster to transfer the music in your computer straight to the card rather than transferring them via a cable (or Bluetooth). In order to do this, you have to have mp3 music file on your computer of course.

Getting MP3's on your PC

III. There are a couple of ways to get mp3's on your computer. I'll try to describe one way. Let's say you have a CD with music you want eventually hear on your phone, and you have a PC that runs Microsoft Windows. In the example I'll use, I took a copy of "Unplugged....And Seated by Rod Stewart MTV album from almost 20 (!) years ago and inserted it into my laptop. Close any popup window that appears asking you to play the CD or import the songs using iTunes etc.


1. Open Windows Media Player by clicking Start -> All Programs -> Windows Media Player (I'm running the version that came with Windows 7. The instruction might vary if you're running a different version.

2. On the list at the left, find your CD listed and select it. This should bring up all the songs.

You should also see the option to "Rip CD". However, before we do this, we need to configure the settings so that the CD is "ripped" into MP3 files and not Windows Media Files (.wma).

3. To do that, you can select "Rip Setting" or go to Organize -> Options select the "Rip Music" tab.

4. Then select the output format as "MP3" and set the quality to medium high (256 KB). The tab will also say where the mp3s will end up. In my case, it's will be in the C:\Users\Shambhu\Music folder.

Now you're ready to actually create the MP3 file.

5. Hit the "Rip CD" button to convert the songs to MP3 files.

6. Remove the CD and check that you can play the ripped songs in Windows Media Player.

7. Open Window Explorer and go to your music folder to find the songs. In my case they're in the folder

C:\Users\Shambhu\Music\Rod Stewart\Unplugged...and Seated

but they show up in the Explorer as

My Music -> Rod Stewart -> Unplugged...and Seated.

You should see a list of mp3 files that you now have on your computer.

Now we're ready to transfer the file to the microSD card.

Transferring MP3's to Memory Card (and Phone)

8. Stick the microSD card into the adapter and then stick the adapter with the embedded card into the SD card slot into your computer. In the pop up window choose "Open Folder to View files in Windows Explorer" option.

9. The second Windows Explorer window should show the "SD" card (drive E: in my case) in the list. Click the arrow to expand the SD card drive to show the folders. There should be a music folder there. (If there isn't a music folder, you may need to put the card back into the phone and have it create a music folder.)

10. Click on the Rod Stewart (or whichever artist you've got there) folder in the first Windows Explorer window and drag it to the music folder on the SD card to transfer the album and all the mp3 files inside it. This will create a Rod Stewart folder in the card.

11. After the transfer has completed, remove the adapter card and the microsd card from the adaptor and put it back in the phone.

12. Turn on the LG 500g phone and then click on the right nav key to start the music player. Scroll down to Artists. You should see the name of the artist of the mp3 files, Rod Stewart in my case. Click on the artist to see the list of albums. Click on a song and press "Play." The only hassle seems to be that to hear the whole album or a set of songs you seem to have to create a Playlist

Anyway, that's it. I hope this helps. Writing these descriptions is a little bit like those writing assignments in school where you have to describe how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - it seems easy until you start to do it.

sb (admin)

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Apr 09, 2013
downloads will not play
by: Anonymous

I have ripped the music to the computer and even synced it to the phone, but once I am ready to listen to it in it's entirety -- it only plays a snip-it. On the screen it will show the song titles and trak # and how long it is suppose to last, but the counter never begins to work. then it will stop and have a screen that says: "timeout error -- retry? " What do I do to fix it? I've tried deleting all the songs and starting over but the same message occurs.

Nov 15, 2011
Great Instructions!
by: Miki

Your instructions were precise and simple. I couldn't have done it without you. Since I was used to playlists, I had no problems. It was a bit time consuming, but worth it. Thanks a ton!

Sep 11, 2011
Playlist does not go through all the songs
by: Anonymous

Creating a playlist adds songs, but will not play all the songs on the list- it only plays one file at a time- so how do you get around that??

Aug 06, 2011
Red "X"
by: Brooke

This helped me out some. Thank you! But I have a question. I have this same phne and up on the left hand cornor right beside the battery icon there is a Red "X" Do you know that is? Dose that mean somethings not working in the phone? And my music isn't showing up in my phone.

Aug 04, 2011
Creat music file on micro SD card?
by: Rich

Your instructions for downloading music was wonderfully clear and concise until I got to having the phone create a music file on the micro SD card. Considering the phone comes with nothing more than enough instructions to turn the phone on, and I am a dummy as to how to accomplish this feat. Please help.

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