My first cell phone

(Framingham, MA, USA)

This is my first cell phone, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I'm very pleased with it. It's small enough to carry in my pocket. It has more features than I ever had on my home phone :) It does talk and text and even has a couple games (no instructions for the games, tho). The only thing missing for me is a camera.

Not As Bad As Some Claim


I don't know about long term durability yet but, try though I may, I haven't found a better basic phone. I've had any number of phones that were not only very expensive but confoundedly complex and frustrating to use.

All I need and want is a stone cold basic phone that works and is easy to pack around and the LG 400g is perfect. It is small enough to fit in a watch pocket, sounds fine and just plain works.

So what if it doesn't hold a billion entries, etc, etc; or have everything from a camera to a toilet brush! Maybe I'm getting old but this phone does its part to help simplify a life that is entirely too complex.

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May 03, 2010
Thanks for reminding us.
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for your comments. Thanks also for reminding us that even though we can be critical at times of some of these phones, any cell phone gives you a lot more features than the old home phones.


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