Net10 LG 400 Review

I do not recommend the Net10 LG 400 prepaid flip phone. This phone costs more than the basic LG 300 open-face style phone yet it actually has inferior features.

Comparison with LG 300

The LG 400's phonebook only allows 255 entries rather than 500, and the phone comes with only 16 polyphonic ringtones rather than 32.

What this tells me is that this phone seems to have half the storage space for these kinds of features. So even though it was introduced fairly recently along with the LG 300 and the LG 600, they may have actually used some older technology inside it.

Comparison with LG 600

At the other end of the scale, for just a few dollars more at the time, you could get the LG 600 camera phone with Bluetooth technology. With this phone you can use a Bluetooth wireless headset for hands-free talking, and you can take pictures and send them to your friends. Plus, the LG 600 has a 1000 entry phonebook and 24 ringtones.

Standard features

Most of the other standard features are the same, and you can look at my LG 300 review.


You can check out the Net10 LG 400 manual(pdf) for the full list of features and how to use them.


So, once again, don't pay $10 more for a worse phone. Either get the LG 300 (special offer available) or get the LG 600 for maybe a few dollars more and enjoy the extra features.

Guest Reviews

So far, the guest reviews seems to confirm this opinion of the LG 400. Unfortunately some of them used language that's unprintable on this site! You can read the other one below.

What about you? If you use the LG 400 and love it or are not so thrilled, please tell us about it!

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