My granddaughter showed me how.

To Fix Oversized Content Problem

I kept getting the "Selected Content is Oversized on some of my pictures when trying to send them (from my LG 290C) to my email address to download to my computer. How it was solved:

  1. Bring up the picture.
  2. Select Zoom then press the OK button to save.
  3. Press "Save"
  4. Press send.
  5. Send to your email address.

I have my email address listed in "My Contacts" so I just have to click options, contacts, select my email address, done, ok, then send.

Thanks for the tip!

Can't Transfer Pictures to Computer

by Jordan

I've been trying to post pictures on my facebook through my phone, but my LG won't let me. So I decided to use the cord that hooks up to the PC & my phone. Turns out, whenever I plug them into each other, it charges, but nothing pops up on the monitor about anything connected to the PC. Please tell me what to do thanks.

Hi Jordan,

I think you can only send them via picture message with the 290C. When I first wrote my review I thought you could transfer them via bluetooth which made sense since the phone had a megapixel camera. Shortly afterward, I corrected that mistake.

You get a lot of messages and data even with the $30 straight talk plan so using airtime is not that much of an issue. The problem, as I recall, is that the phone may need to downsize the images before sending them.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

sb (admin)

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