Need more towers

by Ronald
(Fayetteville, NC)

I really like the samsung phone itself, but Sprint has limited towers in my city. I'm always getting dropped calls, and many times I can't even make calls because of the lack of cell phone towers where I live which is extremely aggravating. What are the chances of sprint putting up another cell phone tower in my area?

Update: Straight Talk smart phones are now available on all four networks.

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for your comments. I think you would have a better idea about such things because putting up towers is partly dependent on the local politics.

For those with poor Sprint coverage in their area who still who want an Android phone on an ST plan they can get a unlocked phone to use with a separately purchased Straight Talk SIM card. Those SIM cards work on the AT&T or T-Mobile network. Note, you can't just take a SIM card out of another GSM Straight Talk phone.

sb (admin)

Does it have a sim card?

A: No. This is a CDMA phone that runs on the Sprint network, so there's no card. It means it won't be that easy to use it in a way other than as intended which is in the USA as a Straight Talk phone on the $45 plan.

The only slot on the phone is on the side for a microSD memory card. A 2 GB card is included, but you can put in your own card up to 32 GB in memory.

If you want to purchase a GSM-type Android phone, try AT&T or T-Mobile.

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