Net10 Free Phone

2022 Update

Net10 no longer offers free phones bundled with a plan. The least expensive handset on their site now costs about $15. This is an older refurbished smartphone and not recommended. On the other hand, there is a great selection of phones for under $100, including a 5G Nokia phone. I will leave the info below for reference or archive purposes.

The Net10 free phone and minutes offers are an exception to the rule of no prepaid freebies. Prepaid cell phone plans don't include contracts so there is much less incentive to offer a free prepaid phone or free prepaid airtime. In fact, there's often even an activation fee, but not with Net10.

Smartphones available with $40 card:

  • LG Optimus Dynamic
  • Reconditioned Huawei Glory
  • Samsung Galaxy Centura

Models available with $25 card:

Phone Offer

The free phone offers includes the phone along with the purchase of a $25 airtime card worth 750 minutes or a $40 or higher monthly airtime card for unlimited talk, text and web. With the Android phone you have to stay on one of the $40 per month or higher plans. With the other phones, you can chose any monthly plan or switch to a pay as you go plan.

Is This Net10 Free Phone Deal For You?

Now these deals may not be for you. Why? Well, do you want a phone with a

  • touchscreen
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • App-capability

but you don't want to sign up for the $50 unlimited plan. If so, then you could check out the Net10 versions of phones like the LG 505C or Motorola EX124g instead.

Or if you want an Android phone, you could check those out as well.

If not, then this deal is for you if you want a basic Android touchscreen phone

  • to run all those Android apps and
  • pay $50 a month for unlimited service

or if you want a feature phone

  • for calls and text messages?
  • You want 750 minute, a phone and 30 days of service for just $25

And remember you also save with free

  • Shipping
  • and Activation

Get a Bundle

If all you need is a basic phone then a Net10 bundle is a good deal to get you started.