Net10 version with airtime card.

by Emotionalzombie7997
(Northern Midwestern State)

I was checking out the Net10 phones available in my area and discovered that the Samsung S390G was available for free with the purchase of a $25 or $50 airtime card. I generally do not purchase my phones or minutes from the website. But since this phone was included free with the purchase of minutes that I would need anyway, I ordered both. The Samsung S390G is also free if you buy airtime from Tracfone. You can buy a $20 60 minutes with 90 service days airtime card and get this phone for free from the Tracfone website.

I do not plan on activating this phone with Net10 service. I currently use a Samsung R355C with Net10. I prefer to use my Net10 phones with Verizon service. I plan on keeping this phone charged and in my purse. If I am away from home, but have access to free Wi-Fi, I can jump on the web and not use up my minutes on my Samsung R355C. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, using the browser on this phone is free.

But I did play around with the phone a little today. I had no problem connecting to Wi-Fi. It took me longer to remember my Wi-Fi password, than it did to connect my new Samsung S390G to my homes Wi-Fi. The connection and downloading of web pages was very fast. I surfed the net a little, connected to Youtube. I had no trouble connecting and watching videos on Youtube. If the video offers a HD version, make sure to watch in HD. You will notice the difference from normal to HD.

The track/mouse pad on the center of the phone does take a little getting used to if you have never used this kind of apparatus before. Lucky for me, I had bought my child a cheap e-reader and knew exactly what to do with this touch pad. This type of touch pad can be very aggravating until you get used to it. Just remember to touch it gently and slowly.

Connecting to the web was almost instantaneous. I did not have to wait for the pages to load, which I was happy surprised with and not expecting from a free device. I use search engines to look up my destinations on the web. It did take a lot longer to get to the the web address on the search engine results than it does with my Samsung R355C. Because the mouse/touch pad is so touchy. You can scroll right past what you want to look at and end up at the bottom or top of the page.

I just discovered by accident that if you use the up/down button for volume control while in the menu, this button can be used in place of the track pad. You can also use the up/down button to scroll up and down a web page instead of using the track pad. Using this button will make using certain features in the phone easier.

There are a few reasons that I am not going to use this phone with service from Net10. As I mentioned above, I prefer Verizon service, I don't know how well the AT&T service is in my calling area. But since my first Tracfone cell phone in 2001, my phones have been CDMA with Verizon service. I have had very few dropped calls in all of those years. Why mess with success?

I have read several customer reviews that said that the customer had accidentally pocket/purse dialed 911 with the Samsung S390G. Even when the keypad is locked on the Samsung S390G if you press 000, you will be connected to 911. Since I do not want to waste my counties resources on bogus 911 calls, the possibility of pocket dialing is enough for me not to use this phone. But if you decide that you do want to use this phone. I recommend getting a hard case, like a cell phone dry box. A cell phone dry box should prevent any pocket dialing incidents from occurring.

I like to be able to customize the calling features more than what this phone is capable of doing. With my current phone I can restrict calls to only allow people who are in my contacts list to call me. There is also another feature for 911 calls. You can customize it so you have to press *911 or #911 before you are connected to 911. I feel that if the Samsung S390G had this feature, many people would not be pocket/purse dialing 911. I think that with all of the fancy improvements to these new phones, Tracfone has forgot what some of their loyal customer wanted/needed their product for in the first place.

The camera takes clear pictures. If you need to take a quick picture or a quick video this will record and save the moment you want to remember.

This model of phone will be a hit for some people and a miss for others. I would not have paid full price for this phone at a local store. But since I received it for free with the purchase of a airtime card, I am glad I ordered airtime from the website this time.

If you need a new phone or a back up phone and use Tracfone or Net10. I would go to the website and purchase your airtime and get this free phone.

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Jun 14, 2014
Goes into browser mode with kybd locked
by: Anonymous

The S390G reception is great in my area (Lexington, KY) even in hospital elevators, airport hangers and etc.

But it pocket dials or goes into browser mode accidentally with the keypad locked. Recommend a hard case cover to protect the keypad.

Mar 06, 2013
Net10 Samsung S390G
by: Anonymous

The Samsung S390G refurbished model is no longer available at this time.

They sold out in 3 weeks.

Feb 09, 2013
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for the great write-up!


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