Tracfone Samsung S390G Review

Part 2 - User Reviews and Questions

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2 - Video & User Reviews

Here's a slideshow video showing some of the key features of the S390g. Note that the YouTube player only works over WiFi.


If you've used this phone please give us your take below. Or if you have any specific questions, ask away! Other reviews of this phone are available from sites like CNET and Samsung itself, but I hoe you'll check out what some of the readers of this site have to say.

Your Reviews and Questions

Tell us about your experience with this phone!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Use Wi-Fi without activating phone 
Shambhu, When you were testing the Samsung S390G, do you happen to remember (or know) if the Wi-Fi capabilities work without activating the phone? Weird …

WiFi does not work 
My wife just got a S390G from Tracfone and we tried to connect to our home network but we cannot get the WiFi application to turn on. We receive a message …

No Service and now getting a DNS code 
Recently I was on vacation in Northern Illinois and couldn't get any service in that area. After I got home I found out that the S390G uses AT&T network …

Net10 version with airtime card. 
I was checking out the Net10 phones available in my area and discovered that the Samsung S390G was available for free with the purchase of a $25 or $50 …

Student's Samsung S390g Review Not rated yet
I got this phone, and I loved it. It s worked fine. AT&T didn't get the best signal sometimes, but it worked anyhow. I liked that the mp3 player, Bluetooth …

Lots of Features but hate the Track Pad Not rated yet
Here are my thoughts on this phone. Lots of features for the price. Overall, works very well. Find some of Samsung key strokes awkward, compared to other …

S390g Cases Not rated yet
Here's a short rundown of the cases available for this phone. Cases Let's start where most people start: at the Big Behemoth (Amazon). …

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Meanwhile the Samsung R355C pretty much limits itself to talk, text and music, but does it very well.

The keyboard of the LG 500g is a little squished in comparison, but it means the width of the phone is close to that of a typical brick-style phone rather than that of a wider QWERTY device.

The Motorola EX431g is a relatively newer with a few nice features, but its rubbery keys take a little getting used to.