WiFi does not work

by Skyspy
(Aiken, SC)

My wife just got a S390G from Tracfone and we tried to connect to our home network but we cannot get the WiFi application to turn on. We receive a message that states "Wi-Fi Unable to Activate". The following steps were used.

1. Turned Phone on
2. Clicked on Menu
3. Using the "Track Pad" highlighted the WiFi ICON
4. Pressed the Track Pad again to turn on the WiFi
Wi-Fi Unable To Activate showed on the screen after pressing the track pad to turn the WiFi on.

We have reset the phone, pulled both the battery and SIM card from the phone, reset my home wireless router, etc., etc., nothing works.

Got any ideas to get the WiFi function to turn on?


Hi Skyspy,

I was able to use the WiFi when I had this phone for testing. However, whether you have your home WiFi on or not, the WiFi on the phone should still activate and scan for all available networks in the area. You would then select your network and activate. I suggest you call customer support to help you or send you a new phone if there's something wrong with it.

Unfortunately, I can't try recreate the situation because I used the phone in a giveaway a while back.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

sb (admin)

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Jul 04, 2013
WIFI does not work.
by: Emotionalzombie7997

I have a password set for my homes wifi network. I had to add it to my phone to get the wifi to work.

1. Turn on your phone
2. Press Menu key
3. Navigate to the WiFi Icon, press OK
4. Turn wifi on
5. Highlight your home network from the list of networks
6. Press Options and select Edit
7.Choose the AUTH type that matches your homes router, Choose the Encryption type that matches your homes router
8. Add your password for your router then press Save
9.Highlight your wifi network and press connect.

These are the steps that I used to set up wifi for my Samsung S390G. I hope I helped.

Jul 03, 2013
Samsung S390G WiFi
by: skyspy


Thanks for the reply!
Just prior to your posting I was able to speak with a Tracfone Tech, and after going through numerous hoops she came to the conclusion that the phone (S390G) was defective. Tracfone is now shipping my wife a new phone. This new phone should be in our hands in 3-5 ays. Stay tuned for round 2. Hopefully, luck will be on our side this time.
Again, l thank you for your comments and assistance.



Jul 03, 2013
Same problem
by: John Huff

I had the exact same problem..It's not the phone but your wireless router. I had a Linksys system and I had to enter the home page and select menu on my PC. Then "Add a device." I clicked on Cell phone rather than another PC or printer. Then on the phone keypad I had to enter the password key. In my case it was about 17 numbers and letters in a random order. Once that was done I clicked "Finish" and the phone was on Wi-Fi ever since.
I hope this helps.

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