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Pandora doesn't support Java phones like EX124g

Pandora doesn't support Java phones like EX124g

OK I got the Bolt browser and I was wondering if I can get the internet radio Pandora on it ..thanx

No, I don't think you can. I went to the Pandora site and they said the only devices they supported were iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre. Still, for the Blackberry and Palm Pre, they advised you go to their website on the mobile browser in order to download the app. So I took a chance and did the same with the EX124g and got a blue page with a message:

"Sorry Pandora does not support your device. Currently Pandora only supports certain AT&T devices. Please visit for more information."

So the direct method was out. I didn't find anything on popular sites like either.

I found out there is an Open Pandora project but it looks like it has something to do with creating an open-source gaming console and has nothing to do with the Pandora music app.

I also tried going to the Rhapsody and MOG music sites, but those didn't seem to work either - though I'm not sure as the sites were loading pretty slowly.

So if you really want to stream music, I suggest getting one of their Android smart phones from Straight Talk or Net10.


by dee
(ortley beach, nj)

I haven't opened my box yet but wanted to know if there is any download that this phone will accept for gps. Thanks.

Hi Dee,

While all phones are supposed to be able to approximate their location for emergency purposes, I don't think the EX124g has a GPS radio that's available for apps to access.

I'll update this if I find out different.

sb (admin)

Comments for No GPS
Oct 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

It has no GPS radio (hardware feature) so no, there would be no point to a GPS app for it.

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