Nokia Go Phone

A Nokia Go Phone was a good choice when shopping for prepaid phones at AT&T. You could choose from about five phones including a music phone.

2014 Update

AT&T now carries the Lumia 635 and Lumia 520 Windows smart phone both new and refurbished. While not as popular as the iOS and Android phones, these models have received fairly good reviews from users.

Discontinued Phones

The Nokia 2610 was an entry-level open-face style handset. If you sign up for Media Net, you can view stuff like Mapquest and WikiMobile on the tiny 128 x 128 display.

The Nokia 2330 was a surprisingly handy phone considering the fact that you could get a refurbished one for less than $10. It has a small but nice screen and could even check your mobile email and do instant messaging.

Slider Phone

The slider-style 2680 added a VGA camera and Bluetooth. The camera was just about good enough for sharing quick snapshots via picture messages. You could also transfer your photos via Bluetooth or USB.

Flip Phones

The Nokia 2720 was also available for under $20 with a few good feature such as a camera rated at 1.3 megapixels (though the quality wasn't that great). The 6350 cost a bit more.

Things finally got a little interesting with the Nokia 6085, the only GoPhone by Nokia with a camera and a music player.

The camera was only VGA resolution, but you could capture up to 60 minutes of video at CIF resolution.

To make use of the music player, you could get a 6085 music bundle which included a stereo headset, USB cable and a (somewhat small) 512 MB memory card. Still, this was the one to get if you wanted a Nokia Go Phone from AT&T Wireless.