Not Sure I Would Ever Go Back

by LaleeD

I have had their service a couple of times. In the beginning it was terrible. The only thing good that came from it is the fact that you did not have to pay a fee in order to cancel the service.

As time progressed the service of course became better-the unlimited everything was of course a great feature to have but if you left the city you had no service. Also the calls dropped more than I liked when I was with their company.

I only had the internet feature for a couple of weeks and canceled it because it would not allow me to navigate the web like I should have been able to. I also did not like the payment methods. They basically charged you for any type of payment you made. If you went to the store and paid with cash there was a convenience fee, if you paid over the phone it was a convenience fee, but I can't really remember if there was a convenience fee or not but it all just became too much of a hassle to keep. So I decided to cancel it.

I would only use Cricket if I had no other choice because I went to AT&T and even though it may be higher it is what I expect from a cell phone company.

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