Play 90 minute FLV movies with a larger memory card?

by Cajun
(New Orleans)

Hi everyone. I am looking for a Net 10 or Tracfone, that will play FLV and/or AVI movies lasting as long as 90 minutes. I want to upload the movie from my computer. It will probably have a slot to insert a large SIM card.

Is there such a phone?

Thank You


Hi Cajun,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately the answer is basically, no. While the LG 900g does take a microsd memory card, the video that this phone itself records is in .3gp format. I suppose it's possible to down convert your movies to that format but I haven't tried playing a large file.

The phone can recognize an MP4 file, but it cannot play them. The same goes for AVI files and FLV files. However it does play SWF file which is another version of the Flash format. However, it was unable to play a 6 MB swf file that I uploaded to it. The error message was that the file was too big. So it can basically only play very small flash files.

So I would say that it's really not feasible for you to watch full-length movies with this phone.

In terms of other phones, your best bet is probably an Android phone available as a no-contract or prepaid phone. The LG Thrive available as a Gophone from AT&T and LG Optimus line available from T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS etc. apparently do play DivX movies, so perhaps you could convert the movies to that format and watch them that way.

Hope this helps.


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Sep 07, 2014
Playing videos on LG900G
by: dmky

You can download any FLV video format from youtube and other sites and copy them to microSD 4Gb card. After you have put your videos onto the microSD card, then just change the extension from FLV to 3GP and the videos will play just fine. You can even watch the videos in fullscreen. Works great!

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