by Greg
(Mesa, AZ)

I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona this year and knew my other moto tracfone would just roam if not work at all out here unless I spent uncountable hours with the tech reps. No.
I bought a W260g on sale at wally world as a pkg. with double minutes for life, hands free attachment, and car charger. Big buttons for my meaty paws, simple, functional, and a real decent price.

Seven months into owning it, I drowned it.
Did EVERYTHING listed online, rice, vacuum, air, common sense, friends, etc. Dead.

Gave up. Bought another moto W376g with camera, dbl minutes, yadda yadda....and transferred the old number to the new 376g. It received calls, took pics, but every test call made to any number connected me to "Team Mobile", and told me my account was being handled by a collection agcy.

Six or more phone calls on landline to techreps, countless numbers punched in, dozens of test calls, etc., nothing worked. I gave up.

Went out and bought another W260g, called to activate, & transfer my 215 minutes and 350 days of service, but NOT the phone number. They still transferred the phone number. No outgoing phone calls, got "Team mobile" & the collection thing again. Ready to toss the moto & Tracfone away. They finally got it to work. I still like it.

Irony. On a whim I put the new battery in the "dead" drowned phone...and it worked like a charm. Now, all I have to do is buy a $37.00 battery, re-enter tons of phone numbers, spend money on phone cards and I got a new phone.

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Aug 25, 2011
Looking for W260g phones
by: Mont

I've had 2 w260g's for ages and love 'em. 3 weeks ago i got up, sent a couple msgs and 2 hours later opened it and it was totally dead, no lights behind numbers, no light in screen, would not turn on, have tons of days left and around 260 minutes, but the damned thing just won't turn on. So went back to using my older one and shopping for replacements, can't find any, well, no, found some on EBay to bid on but it won't let me on because I'm still using my 11 year old Webtv unit. Then moved some papers on desk which caused the working 260 to slide off onto tile deck and break, so now I'm all the way up that creek w/o paddle. Bought a couple Samsungs and that new LG500 and hate all the gimmickry asso'd with them. I want the 260 again and am willing to buy 4 of them if price is around $5, otherwise will buy only 2. Can anyone help me? I'm an 84 year old WWII Navy vet whose wife of 56 years died 2 years ago of dementia, horrible way to go for the survivor to witness, the victim is luckily unaware. Her family said, "Oh, didn't you know? It runs in the family among the girls". Help, anyone?

Aug 26, 2009
by: admin

Thanks Pops er . . . Greg for an entertaining description of your troubles. Your situation of have calls go to "Team Mobile" seems to be unique or at least rare. Glad it finally worked out, sort of.

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