Possible to Record Conversations etc.

by Richard B
(Long Island, New York, USA)

Is it possible to record a conversation between two people when the phone is on, but the flip is closed on either of the 2 models (above). and how would I go about it?

How do I tell which carrier I have for either phone? There's no indication on the bottom of the screen on either phone.

Can I call my cell phone from a land-line phone and hear my voice mail messages?

Regarding the camera: Is there any way to silence the shutter click you hear when taking a picture?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your questions. I will answer based on the LG 440G, but the answer may apply to others.

Recording Conversations

You may be able to record conversations via a Java app on the 440g, however, I have never tried it. Your best bet there is to try and download one from the GetJar.com site. Note, you cannot install Java apps on the 420g from Tracfone though you can try a workaround at your own risk.

Network Carrier

Regarding networks, your carrier is indicated on the SIM card. According to Prepaid Phone News, you can go to:

Menu > Prepaid > SIM Number

- if the number starts with 890141 your carrier is AT&T and

- if the number starts with 890126 your carrier is T-Mobile.


Yes, you can check your voicemail from a landline.

Camera Shutter Tones

To turn off the shutter sound, go to:

Camera > Settings > Others > Shutter Tones and select "Off"

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Apr 06, 2015
Re: charger
by: sb

It's normal for these chargers to be slightly warm when plugged in as most still draw some current even when not connected to the phone. However, you should be able to the one that came with the 420g.

Apr 06, 2015
Charger defect(?)
by: Richard Baratta

I've noticed that the charger that is plugged into the wall socket is warm to the touch after charging up the LG440G.

Don't have this problem with the LG420. Is this a defect with the charger, or is the phone drawing too much current?

Can I use the charger from the LG420 to charge up the LG440? The terminal on the phone side seems to fit both phones.

Mar 30, 2015
Good catch
by: sb

That's a good catch. For some reason, the calculator has all the other scientific functions but not the percent function. This is pretty silly when you compare the number of people who want to calculate taxes or discounts versus the number of people who are going to want to calculate cosine and logarithms on their flip phone!

My advice would be to search for a separate calculator java app that has this function.

Mar 30, 2015
Calculator Function: Missing % sign
by: Richard B

When I purchase an item and want to know the full price, after taxes are figured in, I go to my LG420: - Go to Calculator >Enter the price > Press the + sign and put in the tax (which is 8.625 in NY) > options > % (percentage prompt) and press the = button and get the total $. Can't do that on the LG440 because there is no % (percentage sign). All other mathematical signs are there. Did I miss something? Any other way do this?

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