Prepaid Cell Phone Photo Contest


Canceled (11/25/2008).

Win $25 via Paypal

Welcome to our first Prepaid Cell Phone Photo Contest!

For a change of pace after our first Writing Contest, we've decided to have a photo contest. These days more and more prepaid cell phones come with a camera, and what better way to appreciate that fact than with a contest.

So among all the free photography contests, this one is somewhat unique in that the photos have to be taken using your prepaid cell phone.

And the prize?

We couldn't offer a phone, because, well, you've already got one. We couldn't offer an airtime card, because we don't know what prepaid service you use. So for our prepaid cell phone photo contest we've decided to offer a tiny amount of cold electronic cash:

$25 via Paypal

All you have to do to enter this prepaid cell phone photo contest is submit your photo and description below. In the description, please identify the prepaid cell phone you used.

The subject of the photo can be anything you choose as long as it is in good taste.

Prepaid Cell Phone Photo Contest Rules

  1. This free photography contest will run from November 7, 2008 through November 30, 2008.
  2. Contestants must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Each entry consists of one photo and a description. The description MUST identify the prepaid cell phone used. This includes the handset model and the prepaid provider. For example: "Virgin Mobile Cyclops" or "Virgin Mobile Kyocera Cyclops". The description may also include further interesting details about the photo.
  4. The photos must be in good taste. We reserve the right to approve each entry according to our standards.
  5. One entry per person.
  6. Each entry must be submitted using the form on this page.
  7. Contestants must submit a valid email address. The email address will not be published on the site and will only be used to contact the winner and send the prize. (You have to select one of the notification options on the preview page after you hit submit in order to enter your email address.)
  8. The winning contestant must possess a valid Paypal account, associated with the email address submitted, to which the prize can be sent.
  9. The winning entry will be judged to be the most interesting or aesthetic photo.
  10. The winner will be picked during the week following the end of the contest and will be contacted via a email address listed on the entry. Once the winner confirms that they have a valid Paypal account, the prize money will be sent to that email address via Paypal within two weeks.
  11. We will be the sole and final judge. As part of the process we will try to take into account any comments and ratings any entries receive.
  12. After the contest is over, the entries may remain on the site.