Problems with coverage in NH


Don't buy this phone or any GSM phone if you live in NH. It doesn't have much coverage. Also every other call I got came up as- CHECK RESTRICTED 34 on the id and it wouldn't let me answer the call. I didn't set any restrictions either.

So tracfone sent me another one and it did the same thing so i am sending both phones back and getting coverage in NH. Also the lg 600 has those crappy polyphonic ringtones and you can't download any real mp3 ringtones. Battery seemed to die a lot quicker than specified.

Overall I think this phone sucks and i wouldn't recommend it to anybody anywhere!

P.S. Half the accessories that come with the phone don't work!

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Aug 27, 2009
by: Lari

I agree, this phone sucks. I bought it two weeks ago and I've had nothing but problems with it, just getting it activated was a hassle. I can't connect to the web, get ring tones, wallpapers or anything else that it's supposed to do, making phone calls is nonexistent since I get 2-3 bars no matter where I go. And I shouldn't have to stand in the bed of my truck alongside the road just so I get 4 bars!

And Tracfone needs to hire some people that speak English as well, I couldn't understand half of what the CS Agent was saying and them saying "Thank you for purchasing from Tracfone." every other word doesn't help.

Aug 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

Do you think it might have good covarage in southern maine where live? Also when i was in NH the covarage was great on my other phone from them.

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