Reception is bad

by Carol
(Dallas, TX)

I have a hard time hearing or else the person I'm talking to has a hard time hearing me. I never had this problem with my samsung phone. I hope it's not the network but only this type of phone.

And it wouldn't work at all in Western AZ. No reception until I got close to Phoenix.

Hi Carol,

The LG290C uses Verizon's network. Using their Coverage Locator, I checked the "prepaid coverage" for areas west of Phoenix, and found that the coverage is supposed to be pretty good. The Samsung phones from Straight Talk or Net10 that end in the letter "C" such as the Samsung R355C rely on the same network. So if you have one of those types then you could make an good comparison. Phones models ending in the letter "G" like the LG620g rely on the AT&T (or possibly the T-Mobile) network.

During my testing, reception seemed pretty good. My main complaint with it was the lack of Bluetooth file transfer.

sb (admin)

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