Reps not there to remedy a problem - only to sell a product

by EPF
(Lexington SC)

How was your Tracfone Customer service experience?

HORRIBLE! Received an email on the 17th to tell me that my service would be discontinued on the 15th. Yet a day before that (the 14th) I had entered online all current information re billing. Customer rep (tried two via two different phone calls) would not transfer my call to a supervisor. And the rep wanted to send a text code when (s)he had been told the phone was not working. And one rep said that he was "highly trained" and I did not need other help.

What happened in the end?

Had to purchase a new service plan which I did NOT need as I had lots of minutes available under the Value Plan - and I had to sign up again for the Value Plan at a higher fee than I had been paying!

How did this make you feel?
NOT like a valued customer. Reps are not there to help, only to sell a product.

If you had a bad experience, what should they've done differently to make you feel good about the service provided?

LISTEN and UNDERSTAND to remedy the problem instead of trying to sell a new plan.

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