Review of Net10 version

by Lilrose
(north carolina,usa)

I absolutely wanted one of these phones and right after Christmas Walmart had it on sale for 49.99 with 4gb sd card. They make regular sd and now the sdhd. This phone will take the sdhd (high def), but since it already came with the 4gb I'll use that one for now.

I love this phone. It has so much stuff on it that you really have to read the manual so you know how to make full use of the phone. I'm not sure if it has downloaded apps because I haven't gotten that far. It does have both keyboards old one and qwerty and pretext.


It is easy to use and I got on a site that had very cheap and I mean cheap things I needed for the phone like film covers, a stylist that attaches to the phone, and extra travel charger for the wall and a cover all for 16.00 and change that included tax and shipping.


I had a Samsung T404g which was also a great phone. I was told at first net10 was on the verizon network and when I found out it was the tracphone I was upset. But net10 minutes do not seem get eaten up so fast like other prepaid. I got a 25.00 card for 750 minutes. Bluetooth works great with an old motorola 500 headset I had.

This phone is great for 50.00 and like the person above stated you need to slide the screen because there are 2 screens with all the different pictures of all the different phone functions.


You go online for the manual(PDF and interactive )which is the first manual that explains things so simple a child who reads can figure out what to do. I loved the first phone and that was on sale also at sears for 29.99 and when I got the LG800g I got not only to switch over my number but also my minutes, and they gave me time with the other phone to put the sd card in and download all my contacts and pictures. Awesome, awesome, phone but were and net10 is a very good prepaid phone plan in fact one of the best I have ever used.

Handwriting Mode

I give it 5 stars. OH YEAH it also has a mode in which u can message by handwriting on the screen, it has 2 ways: 1. You can see what the letter is and 2. where you can't. That's pretty cool, especially for someone like me who has had a stroke and after awhile my left hand gets cramped up so the handwriting (the hand not effected) really helps me.

The one thing I didn't like was it took me forever to get my name and password to finally go through on facebook. Overall thank you Net10 for letting me have a great phone and a choice of minutes or monthly for a great price.

Hi Lilrose,

Thanks for the detailed review! Glad you're happy with the phone. Note the LG 800g uses either AT&T's or T-Mobile's network. The Net10 phones ending with "C" such as the LG501C use Verizon's network.

sb (admin)

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