Samsung T404g and LG 800g

by rose

I bought my phone at Christmas 2011 from Sears, the Samsung T404g with the qwerty keyboard. I loved the phone but wanted something a little more updated so I returned it and bought the LG800g touch screen.

I am not as happy with this phone because it is very difficult to figure out all the different things on this phone. The manual is the little one that gives you the very basic info. The other one like with all their phones are online.

The first phone showed you everything about how to use your phone but the one for the LG800g is so vague that you basically have to figure it out yourself. This is very disappointing to say the least. I got the company to switch my old phone number and the rest of my minutes without any problems.

I thought this was an android phone. Had I known it wasn't I would have kept the first phone and saved up the money for one of their android phones. I bought the 25.00 monthly card you get 750 minutes to talk, text, mms, browsing everything that is great but the card is only good for 30 days and minutes do not rollover.

If you use just minute cards then you had to choose between texting or talking but those minutes do roll over and are for 60 days. I think if Net 10 would rollover their monthly minutes or extend the days to 60 instead of 30 they would be number one in prepaid.

The other thing is their ringtones are a little high priced considering other company's if they don't fix some of these problems they are not going to make it anywhere near the top. Right now I could not recommend this company to others until they get better.

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