Security code

by May Fulton
(San Francisco)

I took some pictures with the little card in the phone then took it out and put it into the adapter. When I put it into my PC, it said "format disc now." I said yes and nothing happened. Do you have to format the bigger disc? It might be easier to transfer pictures via bluetooth but I don't know what to get. What kind of device do you get?

Also, I went to change to external memory on the phone and it wants me to enter a Security Code. Where do you get a security code?

This is all very frustrating and due to the lack of a detailed Users Manual.

Hi May,

If you haven't changed the storage setting to external memory, your photos will not be stored on the memory card. My LG 500g does not ask me for the security code when I change the Primary Storage Setting. If yours does, the default security code for this phone is 0000 (four zeroes).

Once you've changed the storage settings, then subsequent photos you take should be stored on the card and can be transferred to your computer.

I believe the phone itself will format the card so you won't need to format it when you put it in your computer. Note, re-formatting a card will probably delete any photos or music that is already on the card.

To transfer the pictures via Bluetooth, you need a Bluetooth-equipped PC (some of the newer ones already have it) or you have to get a USB Bluetooth Adapter from someplace like Amazon or Walmart.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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