Service? What service?

by Harry Berger

I tried MetroPCS for 4 months. I live in South Florida. I got dropped calls and zero bars (little or no reception) on many days. I could only use the phone in certain rooms in my condo. The kitchen got the best reception. The bedroom was almost impossible. They changed the phone 3 times.

When you pay your bill they charge you an extra 3.00 for taking your money. What is that all about? I had the 45.00 per month program. The first 2 months I had international texting (extra money) that did not work ever. When I complained I was told those countries were not available. This is the very biggest rip off company

I returned to T-Mobile. No more problems. I buy their 100.00 cards and save a fortune.

MetroPCS. Avoid them. You will receive substandard phones, substandard service, little or no reception, and you will pay for services you don't receive.

P.S. I took pics of the phones while in service pc metro 1 bar and T-Mobile 4 bars at the same time same location.

Hi Harry,

It sounds like there just wasn't good coverage in your particular location. Overall, if they went to the extent of changing your phone three times, it sounds like they tried their best to keep you. Regarding international texting, I'm not that familiar with their available countries, but I know that's an issue with some other providers as well. Anyway, thanks for your comments. I'm glad you're happy with T-Mobile.

sb (admin)

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