Setup Greeting and Name

I cannot set up a greeting for voicemail, don't know where to do so. I went into settings for messages, hit voicemail and did set up a name and number ?? have no idea what I am doing but cannot delete it now. I have an LG 420G, we need a REAL manual for this phone!! I did submit this Q, but did not find a spot for a response. Help! thanx


Thanks for your question. I'll do my best to help you out. You mention that you did do some setup for your voicemail, so it looks like we just have to change some settings. I'll just go through the list of things you can do, and you can what's appropriate in your case. These instructions are for calling from the Tracfone itself.

1. Getting into voicemail:

Press and hold the 1 key to go into voicemail or go to Menu -> Messages and scroll down to select voicemail.

Change Recorded Name:

1. Press 4 for Personal Options

2. Press 3 for Greeting

3. Press 3 for Recorded Name - then say your First and Last name

Now that you've recorded or re-recorded your name you should set your greeting.

Change Greeting

1. In Personal options again Press 3 for Greeting

2. Press 1 for Personal Greeting.

You can choose between two standard greetings or record your own greeting.

3a. Press 1 to select a Standard Greeting which states your Telephone Number and says you're unavailable


3b. Press 2 to select a Standard Greeting that states your name and says your unavailable


3c. Press 3 to record your own Personal Greeting.

At this point you should be all set. There are other fancier things you can do in the Administrative settings, but I've actually never tried them.

Hope this helps and thank for checking out my website. If this didn't answer your questions, please feel free to write back.

Quickly deleting messages

by Anonymous
Q: How do you delete * all * voice mail messages with one action on LG420G? Thanks

Unfortunately, you can't delete your voicemails at once, but you can delete them one by one pretty quickly by just pressing the "7" button after the message starts to play, and you recognize it as one you don't want to keep. This works on both new messages, saved messages and skipped messages.

Set Voicemail password

With the recent cellphone hacking scandal, they recommend a password on your cellphone to get messages -- is there a way to do this? It only asks for the password when I call from a landline, not the 420g itself.


Yes, you can set up a password.

1. Call your voicemail.
2. Select "4" for personal options.
3. Select "2" for administrative option.
3. Select "1" for password

Then you can select a 4-digit password.

And you're right it is a good idea to do this.

Who is calling anyway?

by Jeff

Is there a way to obtain the phone number for a message stored in voicemail?

Hi Jeff,

One of the options for the voicemail is "Envelope". When you choose that option, you get the details of the message including the phone number.

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