Setup on old Nokia 1200

by fred
(queensbury, ny)

2/23/12 I just set up the voice mail feature on my old Nokia 1200 using the customer service # (800) 867-7183; it took about five minutes for a rep to come on the line but she was very helpful with the few instructions to get the service set up using the cell phone connection instructions.

I thought I'd post this note in case anyone else was going to use an older phone and wanted to set up the voice mail feature.

Thanks Fred,

My first Tracfone was the Nokia 1100, and it worked great until I dropped it and broke the microphone. I got another one and also called up customer service to do the code entry mode stuff and get the number and minutes transferred.

sb (admin)

Already setup - what gives?

by maureen

Tried to use the Tracfone website to set up voicemail. I successfully entered my serial #, but couldn't enter the phone number. Then tried calling to set it up and keep getting a recording to enter someone else's number. What gives? Virgin mobile was easy!

Hi Maureen,

It looks like the phone's voicemail is still set up for the previous owner of that phone number. You can call customer service and have them reset the voicemail for your.

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