Nokia 1100 Tracfone: Old Reliable

The Nokia 1100 Tracfone was a great cheap and reliable prepaid phone.

It is no longer offered, but I've left the review up to see how much more the latest prepaid cell phones offer.

Yes it's cheap

So if you drop it, you can just buy another one. As much as you may love the idea of a tiny, expensive phone, the reality is that you don't want to be out $400 bucks because you knocked it off the counter while making your sweetheart her morning cup of tea.

It does happen.

And it's reliable

Perhaps the highest selling phone on the planet at one time, the Nokia 1100 just does its job. As there have been so many made and sold, Nokia has had a chance to work out any imperfections in the design or construction of this phone. As an inexpensive phone, it's been used in settings with a lot of dust and extreme temperature variations.

And you can also do this:

The turn off is the turn on

The turn off time that is. Two clicks and it's off. No waiting around for it to S L O W L Y shut down. If only phones could turn on as quickly.

Long battery life

Well, this phone is so basic there isn't a lot you can do to run down its own battery. Well, actually, you can do one thing: use its cool flashlight!

Otherwise, the main power drain occurs when you're in an area with poor or no coverage, and your Tracfone ends up constantly searching for a network.

Brief Nokia 1100 notes for reference

Up Down Arrow Side Keys

On right hand side, the up arrow accesses last few call made or received. The down arrow accesses your contacts arranged alphabetically.


The Nokia 1100's flashlight is a really handy feature for doing things like reading a map or unlocking your door when you get home after dark. (If you're looking for a Tracfone with a flashlight, take a look at the Alcatel A382.)

To turn the flashlight on and off, from the main menu, press the "C" button. To turn it off, press the "C" button twice. The buttons are a little sensitive. I've often pulled the phone out of my pocket and a few random numbers are on the screen from the phone being bumped in my pocket.

Should you get it?

Well, you can't anymore but there are a couple of nice alternatives. There's the Samsung LG 500g and Samsung S390g, and the Moto EX124g.

Thanks for reading this Tracfone Nokia 1100 review.