Slow Moving Wallpapers

by Victoria

I have downloaded several wallpapers from and they are much slower on my LG 290C than on Myxer's website. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks.

Hi Victoria,

My phone isn't currently active so I can't actually download a wallpaper to that specific handset. I'll still try to answer as best as I can and maybe someone else can offer more info.

Default animated wallpapers are swf files

First, you're right that the animated wallpapers that are included on the 290C work fine (and they're actually quite nice with my favorite being "morning calm"). I went to the My Folder directory on the phone and took a look at the wallpaper file itself. It was a .swf (Flash) file with a size of 320 x 240 pixels.

Download Wallpaper/screensaver from Myxer site

Next I went to the Myxer site and found a Christmas kittens wallpaper and sent it to the phone I'm currently testing, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. The text message from Myxer contained a link to download the wallpaper and I did. Once I opened it up in my phone, I noticed that the animation was quite a bit slower than what it was on the computer screen. So this is not an issue limited to the 290C.

Myxer wallpaper is Animated GIF file

Finally, I looked at the Christmas kitten wallpaper file that was downloaded from the phone and saw that it was an animated .gif file just like the one on the computer. So I'm guessing this is the problem. The computer plays the animated gif faster than the phone does.

One thing you might try is to find a way to get a wallpaper in the swf (flash) format and see if it runs any faster. I tried converting the gif file to a swf file (using a trial version of a gif to swf converter I found online), but I don't know if that works, because the Galaxy phone couldn't display the resulting animation.

You might want to give that a try and see if the resulting animation is more snappier.

Hope this was of some help.

sb (admin)

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