Sound and accessories

by Richard W. Todd
(Hendersonville, NC)

I just bought this phone at K Mart for $19.99. Does this mean it is a reconditioned phone or a brand new one without accessories?

Also, I have not yet activated or registered this phone with Tracfone. Would this have any bearing on the very weak sound volume when turning the phone on. I have the volume slider to its highest point.

Thank you in advance for your comments.


The T301g phones I've seen at retailers are usually not reconditioned phones unless it says so on the packaging. The new ones you get direct from Tracfone come in the plastic blister packaging, while the reconditioned ones come in a plain brown cardboard box.

In the past, this phone is sold both with and without accessories though often at similar prices. I don't make it out to Kmart very often as it's across the highway, but I assume what they carry is similar to what Target and Walmart carry.

In regards to the sound, it should not matter whether the phone has been activated or not. You can check the volume of the ringtones in the sound profile. To do this, go to Menu ->Settings-> Select Normal and click "Edit", then scroll down to Ringtone Volume and put it all the way up. The ringtone volume level appears to be separate from the volume control on the side accessed from the side buttons.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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May 30, 2011
by: technodude

any ideas or suggestions regarding this one?
Just wondering?


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