Walmart Tracfone Bundles and Handsets

Compare with Ordering Direct from Tracfone

Should you buy a Walmart Tracfone? Walmart offers some good and some not so good deals. Prices are about the same as ordering directly from Tracfone. However,  if you're a frequent shopper at Walmart, and let's face it, there's usually one not too far away, it may be more convenient for you to buy one in the store itself or order online for store pickup. In the past some bundles were only available at Walmart, but that seems to be the case less these days.

If you do go direct, you get free shipping.


Sometimes, however, there are some eye-catching offers such as this one below:

The following Tracfone smartphones are in stock (as of 11/18/2015) and available from Walmart:

  • LG Sunrise $9.82
  • Samsung Galaxy Stardust $39.99
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Glitz LTE 19.99
  • Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Pulsar LTE 39.99
  • ZTE Valet for $55.38
  • LG Optimus Dynamic II $39.88
  • LG Ultimate 2 79.88
  • Motorola Moto e 119.99
  • Huawei H868C (Glory)
  • Unimax 671C (Max Patriot)

These phones were listed as out of stock:

  • Samsung Galaxy Centura 738C


The following QWERTY phones are in stock and available online:

  • Huawei H210C

These are out of stock:

Previous Models

LG 500g QWERTY phone

Touchscreen Phones

These non-Android touchscreen phones are in stock and available online:

Out of stock models:

Previous Models

LG 500G

You can get the LG 500g from Walmart in-store and online direct from Tracfone. The LG 500g has a 1.3 megapixel camera, a QWERTY keyboard, a music player and the ability to run Java apps. It costs $29.99 from Walmart online and 19.99 from Net10. In-store prices vary.

LG 800g Touchscreen phone

Tracfone's first touchscreen phone, the LG 800g has a 2 megapixel camera and is available direct for 39.99. It's not listed on Walmart's website (they do carry the Net10 version), but you might find it in their stores anyway.

Basic Walmart Tracfones

These basic phone are in stock and available online:

  • LG 236G flip phone
  • LG 440g flip phone
  • Alcatel A392 Easy Flip phone
  • Alcatel A382 Big Easy candy-bar style phone
  • Huawei H110C Candy-bar style phone

Previous Models

LG 420g

Walmart offers the TracFone LG 420g flip phone bundle with accessory kit for $14.88. The same phone costs 19.99 at Tracfone's site, however, they also offer a refurbished handset plus a $20 airtime card for 19.99. So if you go direct, you can get the refurbished version essentially for free. The LG 420g is a nice flip phone with Bluetooth capability for both pairing with headsets and handsfree devices and also for transferring photos and other stuff.

So as long as you don't mind refurbished go direct, otherwise, check out Walmart.

LG 410g Bundle 19.99 with extra airtime card

The Walmart Tracfone LG 410g bundle includes the double minutes for life feature free in a basic phone is a good deal. In comparison, you can get a refurbished LG410G plus the accessory kit and a 60 minutes airtime card but not double minutes. This basic flip phone should be fine for calling and sending text messages.

Samsung T105 and T155g

The Samsung T105 and T155 are basic open-face and flip-style phones respectively. You can get the T155 for 9.88 or about $5 cheaper at Walmart. The T105g costs about the same at $10.

Remember however, that you can get refurbished phones free with a $20 airtime purchase direct from Tracfone.

Walmart or Direct?

At this point, it's really a matter of convenience. The prices at Walmart are comparable to the prices available from Tracfone. So would you rather order it online from Tracfone or Walmart or pick it up in the store?